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We offer commercial grade cardio equipment for your studio, gym or home!  Our Commercial grade cardio is built to last and take a beating from the best of them!  Whether you cycle, take part in crossfit, an athlete looking to improve your performance, our cardio is designed with you in mind.

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Conditioning Assault Bike

Our STEALTH FIT CO. Conditioning Bike is made with durable materials that last! The handles allow various grip patterns versus competitors with a pronated grip. Foot pegs to allow for arm motion only if needed making this a versatile option for those with injuries.

DESCRIPTION: Commercial Grade

1. Type: Commercial Air Bike

2. Product weight: 132lbs

3. Length/width/Height: 1375*665*1510mm

4. Digital Display: Calories-Heart Rate- Distance - Time -Odometer interval Training.

5. Heavy Duty Steel Frame eliminates side- to - side movement and instability.

6. 25”diameter Steel Fan.

7. Hybrid seat with multi-adjustment options.

8. Reinforced pedals and crank


Curved Conditioning Treadmill

Our curved treadmill is self propelled. No need to plug it in, simply start walking or running! Our rubberized belt allows for a smooth stride and less impact on the joints.

DESCRIPTION: Commercial Grade

1. Resistance: 1-8 levels adjustment

2. Braking mode: magnetic resistance adjustment

3. Frame size: 1850*860* 1580mm

4. Running belt size: 3600*480mm

5. Drive mode: gravity driven

6. Speed limit: 0 -20 km/h

7. Running area: 1500*430mm

8. Maximum user weight: 396 lbs

Spin Bike

Our commercial grade spin bike is built to last and offers a competitive feel when riding. Ability to adjust the seat multiple ways, handle bar height allowing for a variety of positions no matter the height of the individual.

DESCRIPTION: Commercial Grade

1. This commercial grade spin bike is easy to clean and simple to maintain. All aluminum parts are adjustable and offer rust-proof parts.

2. Magnetic resistance

3. Length + width + height: 1473* 520* 1270mm

4. Weight: 140lb