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Olympic Bar Wall Mount

Olympic Bar Wall Mount

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Take your bar and stick it on the wall!  Out of sight, out of mind!

All mounting hardware is included.  Simply drill into a stud and you are good to go!

Limited space in your home gym? A heavy duty wall mounted barbell mount keeps your home gym neat and clean, opens up your floor area and gives you the extra space you need. Ensure safe and clean environment for your home gym with our Olympic Bar Wall Mount. Olympic bars are one of the most common you will see in any home or commercial gym. Barbells can be fixed-weight or load-adjustable, though the latter is quite common.

The standard plate-loaded Olympic bar, the kind you see at any commercial gym, weighs 45 pounds on its own and is approximately seven feet long. The middle part of the bar has knurling to optimize traction, while the outer rotating “sleeves” where you load the weight are smooth and thicker, to fit standard Olympic weight plates. Choose easy bar access with durable Olympic Bar Wall Mount storage. Set up your own home gym with us!

When you use a barbell, you will hold it with both hands. This allows you to stabilize the weight you are lifting to a great degree, and that makes it simpler to lift heavy, offering maximum overload to your muscles. Training with a bar is most applicable to weightlifting sports - Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, where the barbell is used in competition. Shop Olympic Bar Storage online today!

Benefits of Working Out with Bars

Having your hands locked into a fixed position via a barbell offers one main benefit that you really can’t duplicate to the same degree with any other equipment: strength. Particularly, high-end maximal strength—the ability to produce as much force as possible.

Barbell lifts, where both legs/arms are working as in a back squat, bench press, and deadlift, allow for maximal loading. This is why world-record lifts are recorded with barbell workouts. Olympic bars are typically stronger, heavier and have a thicker diameter end sleeve than standard bars.

If you want to lift something heavy, with a lot of dynamic movement, or you want to simulate the environment you are used to at the gym – go with an Olympic bar. Top quality barbells are a big investment so storing them securely and safely with easy access is important for any gym. Explore Olympic Bar Wall Mount storage online.

At STEALTH Fit Co., we are happy to answer any queries you have or help you find equipment and accessories that are in line with your fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner or looking to take your workout to the next level, we have the home gym exercise equipment that you need. Store your equipment securely and safely with easy access.

Our wall-mounted Olympic Bar Storage is a more efficient way to store your bars, and keep your home gym organized. Optimize your home gym with versatile bar storage racks. Take a look at our Olympic bar wall mount for your home gym today!