4 Reasons To Consider Having A Weight Tree Wall Mount

Messy stacks of the weight plates in any corner of the gym makes it look unorganized and small. Each gym includes weight plates in different sizes and types. But even the less quantity of weight plates covers high space and can make a gym look messy. Unorganized plates also affect the safety of the workout space.

The use of a weight tree wall mount in a workout space helps to save the floor space and organize all of the rubber. Wall-mounted weight trees are best to prevent the tripping of the weight plates all over the gym floor. They are perfect for those who have limited floor space but want to store their plates in a safe place. From space-saving to safety there are several reasons to consider having a weight tree wall mount. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Requires Little Space:-
Wall-mounted weight trees are plate racks that take less space but help to save some square footage in the gym. Our Stealth Fit Co. wall-mounted weight trees have a robust build quality, which makes them effective and durable. Our Stealth Fit Co. weight tree is designed to be fixed to the wall, so you can keep your home gym floor clear and tidy. They are best to keep all your weight plates together, in one place.

Weight Tree Wall Mount

High Storage Capacity:-
Wall-mounted weight trees have high storage capacity. Our 6-Peg Weight Storage Tree is specially designed for Olympic plates with a 2” collar opening. Our weight tree rack will help you store your weight plates securely and safely. The use of our premium quality Wall-mounted weight tree will also help you get easy access that is important for any home gym.

High Durability:-
The use of a wall-mounted weight tree is one of the best to make your home gym more practical as well as functional. Our Stealth Fit Co. weight tree helps you improve the safety of your workout space. They can be used to load up to 360lb weight plates and keep your weight plates well-organized. The special material used for them helps to prevent chipping & rusting.

Storage Attachments:-
Our Stealth Fit Co. wall-mounted weight tree is best to make your gym more practical and functional. It is attached vertically to the wall and comes with utility peg storage attachments. It helps you get plenty of options to stow your weight plates safely.

Buy Wall-Mounted Weight Plate Rack
At Stealth Fit Co, you can get a premium quality weight plate storage tree to save space and keep your weight plates safe. Our wall-mounted weight tree is compact and sturdy and also lasts for a longer time. It will also help you prevent serious injury.

To shop for Wall-Mounted Weight Tree for your plates! Visit Stealth Fit Co. online and get the best Weight Storage Tree for your home gym today!