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Weight Tree Wall Mount
Weight Tree Wall Mount
Weight Plate Storage Tree
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Weight Tree Wall Mount

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Tired of tripping over plates all over your floor? Weights taking up room on the floor? Not a problem! Check out our Weight Plate Storage Tree! This sucker mounts to a stud in your wall and is perfect for any garage, home, or commercial gym.

The 6-Peg Weight Storage Tree is designed for Olympic plates with a 2” collar opening.

There is nothing worse than a messy floor in your home gym. However, the walls are almost never used, but with the right wall-mounted storage tree can be optimally utilized.

**Does not include bench, Bar, Bar mount or squat rack in the photo.**

Customer Reviews

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Weight Tree Wall Mounts are highly useful. It makes loading and unloading of bars easy and encourages you to put weights away. Quality plates, whether weight plates, bumpers or change plates are a big investment, so storing them securely and safely with easy access is important for any gym.

The Weight Tree Wall Mount is attached vertically to the wall to hold your weight plates, saving space and leaving weights at your fingertips. With the versatile wall-mounted weight tree you can place weights right next to your home exercise equipment where they are needed - making your home gym far more practical and functional. Shop affordable weight plate storage tree with us!

We provide expert service from design and layouts to optimize your home gym and our customer care team can handle any queries you have. Save space by outfitting your home gym with our Weight Tree Wall Mount. Place your order now!

Floor space is important for your workout. So are your weight plates. Protect both by investing in the Weight Tree Wall Mount. Keep your weight plates easy to access, well-organized, and off the ground so you can use your home gym space for what it is designed for: getting stronger and fitter.

Compact & Sturdy Weight Plate Storage Tree

Weight Storage Tree is compact, sturdy, and stands tall! Bringing this into your workout space is an effective way to bring order to your home, garage, or commercial gym. With a Weight Tree Wall Mount, you don't need to search for the right plate again!

You can keep all your weight plates in one place properly, on display, and ready to use whenever you require. Plus, it keeps them out of the way during your heavy workouts! Browse easy to install Weight Tree Wall Mount today!

With the right Weight Storage Tree you can store your weight plates when space is your priority, or if you just want the neat and tidy look of wall storage. You will also improve the safety of your workout space - weight plates left lying on the floor can cause serious injury and take up floor space.

Our wall mounted storage mounts, along with utility peg storage attachments for the tree and give you plenty of options to help you stow your plates safely. Choose robust and sturdy Weight Storage Tree for your home gym today!

We offer personalized advice based on your home workout needs and type of training. Make your home workout a breeze with our Weight Tree Wall Mount. Load up to 360lb weight plates on this heavy duty Weight Plate Storage Tree to keep your weight plates well-organized. Keep your home gym space clean and organized with a wall-mounted weight tree. Ensure safe workout space with the top quality Weight Plate Storage Tree.