How To Shop For Bumper Plates For Your Home Gym?

Bumper plates are made of rubber which a metal insert that’s typically added to a barbell for strength-training exercises. They are one of the most critical gym equipment that can be added to any commercial or home gym. Usually, bumper plates are made with thick resilient rubber with a grading out of 100. They are a type of weight plate specifically made for weightlifting.

Bumper plates are thicker than the other types of plates available in the market. They also include some special features that make them better and effective than the other plates. As they allow the loaded barbells to drop safely on the floor, without causing damage to it and are chosen over the iron or steel plates.

Bumper plates also reduce damage to the bar when doing more technical lifts. Due to their durability and special features, they are highly preferred for gyms. But to buy the best bumper plate for your home gym or studio, each buyer needs to pay attention to some important points.

The purchase of bumper plates for your gym can be made easy by looking at:-


Bumper plates can vary hugely in price and quality. The price of bumper plates depends on the material used for them. In comparison to the steel plates, they are quite costly.


Bumper plates are known for their quality. High-quality bumper plates are made with the use of the best quality rubber. Our Stealth Fit Co. bumper plates are best for weightlifting. We offer one of the best bumper plates for home gyms and commercial gyms. Our rating is 88/100 meaning they are not super bouncy when dropping the bar.  They offer a little bounce to help with absorbing the load on the floor while giving enough bounce to not compromise the bar. This can happen when dropping a bar with regular rubber plates.  

Potential damage:

Bumper plates are well-known for their less potential damage to the gym floors. The right bumper plates are the ones that can reduce the barbells' torque and stress and also protect the gym floors from damage. Make sure the one you are going to choose for your home gym will significantly reduce the chance of injury that sometimes results in dropping them from a good height.


A good bumper plate also includes the feature of high durability. The rubber material of such bumper plate keeps it protected from rust. It also prevents the risk of accidents. Unlike the steel plates, our Stealth Fit Co. bumper plates do not chip, flake, or rust. They remain in perfect condition and last for several years. We also offer them in different weights to help you get the best one for your home gym.

Buy Best Quality Bumper Plates

At Stealth Fit Co, we offer bumper plates that are made with the best rubber. Our bumper plates are highly versatile and result best for weightlifting exercises.

To shop for the best bumper plates! Visit Stealth Fit Co. online and make your home gym more effective with the best quality gym equipment.