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Bumper Plate

Bumper Plate

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100% Rubber Bumper plates with Stainless steel inserts for you to throw around your best!  

Why these instead of rocky style metal plates?  They are more forgiving on your floor and also more forgiving on the joints!  They offer a slight bounce when putting down the bar.  

Our bumper plates are comprised of a steel core with a rubber protective coating. The latter allows you to drop the weights from overhead without having to worry about breaking the weight.

Choose from our latest collection of top quality Bumper Plates for Sale to add to your home gym equipment. Our Rubber Bumper Platesare built to last and are designed for at-home fitness enthusiasts and for your gym studio. Our rubber bumper plates have been drop-tested to ensure you get an exceptional quality for your home gym. Shop Bumper Plates in Ottawa with us!

Benefits of Rubber Bumper Plates

Recommended for Power-Focused Exercises: When the core of your workout is going to concentrate on weight lifting as much as you can and as fast as you can, rubber bumper plates are a must. Exercises like the overhead squat or snatch enhance the chance that you will have to drop the weight from overhead. Our bumper plates with steel core allow you to do that with confidence.

Highly Durable: Despite the punishment that you will dish out on rubber bumper plates, they are highly durable. You don’t need to worry about scratches.

Long-Term Investment: The durability and usefulness of a rubber bumper plate goes beyond a few months. Bumper plates with a steel core will stay in amazing shape for years to come, provided you do necessary maintenance. Complement your bar with our solid Rubber Bumper Plates.

If you are looking to keep your barbell and weights in a good condition, an effective way to protect them is by choosing a set of superior bumper plates. When the heavy bumper plates hit the floor, the material "bumps", rather than crashes.

Our bumper plates are made of a high-density rubber, which means that they have less bounce and generate less noise compared to standard iron plates that clank around. Our bumper plates will make your home workout space much less likely to require a remodel afterwards. Shop rubber Bumper Plates in Ottawa with us!

Why Bumper Plates are so Popular?

Rubber bumper plates are used by both beginners and professionals due to their high level of safety, durability, and practicality. Athletes who are involved in power-focused activities which involve fast lifting as much as they can, often seen in CrossFit and Olympic lifting, prefer rubber bumper plates as they are safe to drop after a quick lift.

Our rubber bumper plates are highly useful for beginners who may need to drop the weight to avoid heavy strain or injury. The thick rubber coating means that bumper plates are not only quiet when used, which is beneficial in crowded gyms, but can be used anywhere where there is right flooring.

Our rubber bumper plates are very durable, aesthetically pleasing, and they come with a fixed price tag. Choose Bumper Plates for Sale today!

Always Ready When You Are!

Our solid rubber bumper plates are ready to be used the moment you purchase them.There is no need to wait a few days to air out the smell, just unpack your bumper plates and get lifting on their own or on your bar. Explore Bumper Plates in Ottawa and restore your fitness level.

Break through plateaus with our rubber bumper plates with stainless steel inserts. Our plates are compact in size, allowing you to lift and their professional design means you can drop them when required without worrying about damaging yourself or your exercise equipment.Explore our latest collection home gym equipment. Check out our top quality rubber Bumper Plates for Sale today!