Barbell Collar Combo
Barbell Collar Combo
Barbell Collar Combo
Barbell Collar Combo
Barbell Collar Combo

Barbell Collar Combo

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Get yourself set up with our STEALTH FIT CO. 45lbs Olympic bar and our aluminum gold collars to have you locked in!

Lift with confidence and perform at your best. Crafted from high-quality steel, our Olympic barbell can handle an impressive 1000lb weight capacity. With high-quality bearings that reduce friction and improve your form, this bar not only enhances your lifts but also helps to prevent injury during technical movements.

Our collars are made from durable aluminum plating and feature an easy-to-use locking mechanism that ensures a tight fit on any barbell. The ergonomic design of the collars also makes them comfortable to grip and easy to fasten and suitable for use with 50mm Olympic-sized barbells.

Prevent Injury: Bearings that reduce friction and improve your form coupled with barbell collars keep weights securely in place during even the most intense workouts, preventing accidents and injury.

Easy to use: Great for beginners the easy-to-use locking mechanism and ergonomic design of barbell collars make them comfortable to grip and installed in seconds.

Versatile: Barbell collars are suitable for use with all Olympic-sized barbells and come in a variety of colors to match your gym's aesthetic.

Essential accessory: Whether you're a seasoned weightlifter or just starting out, barbell collars are a must-have accessory to ensure safe and effective weightlifting.

Our STEALTH Fit Co. Olympic bar, 1000lbs weight capacity.  Reduce your friction on lifts with our olympic bar!  With reduced friction thanks to our bearings, this will not only help with your lifts but also reduce chance of injury on those technical lifts.

  • Weight 45lbs
  • Length 86" 
  • Grip Diameter 28mm
  • 190-230 psi
  • Spring steel with black chrome
  • 2 Bearings + bushings
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: STEALTH FIT CO. aluminum barbell collars are more secure than traditional nylon collars and will last you a lifetime. They are perfect for CrossFit training, Olympic lifts, strength training, weightlifting and any workout using Olympic barbells. You can toss these around unlock other types of collars.
  • STANDARD OLYMPIC BARS - STEALTH FIT CO. aluminum barbell collars will fit any standard 50mm Olympic bar for quick install/release between plate changes. Our weight collars have a rubberized lining to grip and protect the bar.  Not only that, they make sure your plates are secured on the bar properly.
  • EASY INSTALL – Our STEALTH FIT CO. lock design can be installed in seconds with fast install/removal. The latch is designed to lock on a barbell for maximum grip and safety.
  • ALUMINIUM COLLARS: STEALTH FIT CO. Collars are machined from aluminum with a rubberized grip on the inside to securely latch onto your barbell.  These suckers will stand up to the toughest home gym, commercial gym and studio use.

**Bumper plate not included**

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