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Barbell Collars

Barbell Collars

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  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: STEALTH FIT CO. aluminium barbell collars are more secure than traditional nylon collars and will last you a lifetime. They are perfect for Crossfit training, Olympic lifts, strength training, weightlifting and any workout using Olympic barbells. You can toss these around unlock other types of collars.
  • STANDARD OLYMPIC BARS - STEALTH FIT CO. aluminium barbell collars will fit any standard 50mm Olympic bar for quick install/release between plate changes. Our weight collars have a rubberized lining to grip and protect the bar.  Not only that, they make sure your plates are secured on the bar properly.
  • EASY INSTALL – Our STEALTH FIT CO. lock design can be installed in seconds with fast install/removal. The latch is designed to lock on a barbell for maximum grip and safety.
  • ALUMINIUM COLLARS: STEALTH FIT CO. Collars are machined from aluminum with a rubberized grip on the inside to securely latch onto your barbell.  These suckers will stand up to the toughest home gym, commercial gym and studio use.

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