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Medicine Ball Wall Mount
Medicine Ball Wall Mount
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Medicine Ball Wall Mount

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Stealth Fit Co. Medicine Ball Wall Mount will keep you from rolling an ankle on a random medicine ball left on the floor!  

Keep your home/studio gym hazard free with our wall mount!

Medicine ball not included.

Tripping balls is never good so keep your medicine ball off the floor with wall mount medicine ball storage. Are you looking for a footprint free way to store your medicine balls? Look no further with our practical Medicine Ball Wall Mount storage solution.

You can simply store your medicine balls with easy access to free up more floor space for other fitness equipment. The floor space saving design allows users to retrieve a medicine ball from any angle. Shop today!

Anyone can benefit from exercising with a medicine ball. Medicine balls are a more comfortable and accessible tool for weight training. Medicine balls or fitness balls are also used to train explosive power and coordination by throwing and catching the balls.

No more bending down to pick your medicine balls up from the ground, or trying to find a home for them after every workout. Lightweight Medicine Ball Storage is an effective solution for your home gym. Medicine Ball Wall Mount is the perfect solution to get your over sized medicine balls off of the floor. It stores your medicine balls in a safe and secure manner.

What do medicine balls do?

The medicine ball workouts are generally full-body movements that combine cardiovascular and strength training at the same time. Medicine balls can be used in strength training to help build muscle mass when performing certain exercises. For instance, you can hold a medicine ball while doing squats or lunges to enhance the intensity of the exercise and thereby building more muscle strength. Restore your fitness with medicine.

You can also hold the medicine ball over your head and bend your arms at the elbow, slowly lowering the medicine ball behind your head before returning to the beginning position. By using a medicine ball, you will be able to do movements that work your full body muscles. This will develop your inter-muscular coordination, build up your abs and lower back muscles, and burn more calories from using more muscle mass.

Good body posture and spinal alignment depend on a solid core, and the majority of everyday and sports activities need core engagement and balance. The advantages of using a medicine ball extend into improving overall posture and balance thanks to the fact that medicine ball training is a brilliant way to strengthen the core muscles.

Without proper storage, medicine balls are very hard to maintain. Whether facing runaway balls, cluttered footpaths, or even damage from leaving equipment on floors, anyone can benefit from top quality medicine ball storage. Browse our latest collection of Medicine Ball Storage online today!

Space Saving Design

Easy to install Medicine Ball Storage takes up minimal space and leaves you with plenty of room for your workout. Quality medicine balls are a big investment, so storing them securely and safely with easy access is important for any gym.